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One day in the life of a physically fit Model

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작성자 Joni Elmslie 작성일22-11-25 04:17 조회10회 댓글0건


When most people think of modeling, they think of high fashion magazines and runway shows. But there are several kinds of models.
I've completed just about all of it, although I spent the bulk of my career as being a fit model.
What's a fit model?

Here's what Wikipedia says:
A connecting product (sometimes fit model) is a person who's employed by a fashion designer or perhaps clothes manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visible look of a design on a' real' human being, effectively acting as a living mannequin.
This is a technically precise meaning, however, it fails to account for the range of fun as well as issues that goes into the day in the lifetime of a fit model.

I used to start my workdays at 5am in army fatigues driving the vehicle downtown of mine for boot camp with a group of type-A wall streeters to sweat and keep healthy. With music blasting and singing in the top of my lungs, I'd be psyched to work out by the time I pulled in the parking area of mine outside of the gym.
No matter where I went, everyone was sporting clothing I'd fit and I was all the time working... in the gym, at a charity event, almost everywhere people wore clothes!
Even when I was not really in a fitting, which was almost 24/7, I would be asking girls questions about the clothes they were wearing that I'd fit. I would shop the brands I fit plus the competition, measure all of the clothing, take photos of myself and some using the garments and present clients electronic and Alpilean weight loss reviews ( written reports of the best way to enhance the garments we meet. All the females at boot camp wore Gap Body undergarments and they were big customers with awesome feedback (which made a fantastic start to the day.)


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